Elizabeth Biz Diedrick

Elizabeth "Biz" Diedrick is a composer, producer, podcast host, podcast editor, professional game master, creative writer, vocalist, and musician, constantly looking for new opportunities in related fields. She values diversity and inclusion in her projects. She was accepted into Berklee college of Music in 2016, and expects to graduate in 2021. She also organized and performed in the Berklee: Fill the Void mental health showcase in Valencia, Spain.

Elizabeth Biz Diedrick

Mission Statement:

Elizabeth "Biz" Diedrick creates music, writing, art, podcasts, and gaming experiences for people, especially those who have felt left out in such industries, who seek diversity, inclusion, the incorporation of customer feedback, and an emphasis on community. Our customers, supporters, and collaborators prefer our products to available alternatives because we tailor each experience to the individual, and keep a mindset of constant self-improvement.


Information about commissions and audio editing services, as well as links to related audio platforms.


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Music Commissions: OPEN

I am so excited to work with you on your project! Please read below for information on my paid musical work, and feel free to contact me with any questions and/or project proposals. I price my commissions on a project by project basis, I am willing to use a sliding scale for people with lower incomes, and I will consider unpaid proposals that I believe provide value and opportunity.


I can provide backing and/or lead vocals in various genres, including but not limited to: classical (in various languages), pop, rock, alternative, indie, jazz, game music, a capella, ballad, and musical theater. I can read sheet music, and I can mix my own vocals. I can sing Alto 2 up to Soprano 1, with almost a 3-octave range. I also have a pitch editing software called Melodyne for notes that are slightly outside of my range, or, if you're looking for a auto-tune/robotic sound, even further.


I can compose music through Finale (sheet music) and/or in my DAW, Logic Pro. I also have some experience with Reason and Pro Tools. I compose primarily for video game music, tabletop music, electronic, orchestral, vocals, lyrics, chiptune, and pop, but I likely have the resources and education to compose in many other genres, so feel free to suggest others in your proposal.

Mixing and Mastering

I can mix and master your tracks in my DAW, Logic Pro. I am versed in vocal, electronic, and live production.

Audio Editing Gigs: OPEN

Thank you for your interest in my audio editing skills. Please read below for information on my paid audio work, and feel free to contact me with any questions and/or project proposals. I price my audio work on a project by project basis, I am willing to use a sliding scale for people with lower incomes, and I will consider unpaid proposals that I believe provide value and opportunity.

Podcast Editing

I currently edit my own podcast, Throwing Bones, and a partner podcast, Wyvern's Aria. I am particularly interested in gaming, audio drama, tabletop, advice/lifestyle, and music podcasts, but I am willing to work with others. I also compose podcast intro/outro music, and backing tracks, if that is something that you are interested in.

Audio Clean-Up

I can clean up audio, removing background noise and making the voice/instrument more clear.


Information about paid games and tabletop products.

Paid Games: CLOSED

I am not currently taking proposals for paid games. If you would like to know more information about my listings or my process, or you would like some consulting, feel free to contact me.


Warlock: Pact of the Astra Blade

This warlock path is meant to have a divine/weapon theme, with a focus on versatility in support and damage.

"You have made your pact with a mysterious entity from a divine realm – a force that manifests in a sentient, magic weapon carved from holy light. The divine force behind these weapons can offer power to warlocks who form pacts with it. Many Astra Blade warlocks create weapons that emulate those wielded by paladins and clerics. Sometimes, this pact is made with the weapon itself, already housing a holy entity. Other times, a warlock may have convinced a lesser holy being to become bound to the weapon, forging a special bond with the warlock in the process. The most famous instance of this is Veldri Ashsinger, an Aasimar who made a pact with her deva, and went on to become a legendary hero."


Information about my podcast(s) and my guest appearances.

Throwing Bones Podcast

Throwing Bones is a queer-led role-playing podcast that focuses on themes of diversity, mental health, and interpersonal relationships. Throwing Bones is part of the Skald's Tale network. Follow us on Twitter @bones_throwing, join our Patreon, and join the fan discord server! https://discord.gg/YmpD87R We're an actual play tabletop podcast currently using the Monster of The Week system, but planning to do systems like D&D 5e and FATE in upcoming campaigns. Music composition, editing, project management, and production is done by Elizabeth "Biz" Diedrick. Our recurring co-hosts and improv actors are Cooper Lee Smith, Kyle, and Phenix.

Guest Appearances

Party of One

Party of One is an actual-play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences. Every week, host Jeff Stormer sits down with friends for a two-player game to have some laughs, maybe a few tears, and a really good time.


Compromised, is a cyberpunk based fictional podcast, taking place in a futuristic Philadelphia. Follow Psyl0, and FritX as their world is turned upside down and they learn to find their way through this future version of America.


Resources for my creative writing and poetry.

Feautured Poem


On my back and on my shoulders

Is the weight of a child

She is the size that a coffin should never be

Her eyes closed, peaceful

Her face set in a smile

I could walk for months and miles

Pretending that, because I'm used to the weight, I don't feel it

But I do

She is in every step

Making the footprints a little deeper

So unnoticeable

The child that is not seen and not heard

She haunts my every word

Her ghost, her corpse

I am tired of morning her

Yet I am still not done mourning her

One word, one memory

And waves of grief follow

Leaking from my eyes

Desperate to get out

But my head is a dam

That cannot burst

It has carried her

Weight for too long

To break now

Little by little,

It comes out

Wave after wave,

I fade

What point is there in carrying around a corpse?

Yet I am still not ready

To lay her to rest.

Her spirit is in me

And it has not been appeased

Who knows how much therapy

Or how much grief

Possibly could

And possibly, it is not my destiny to appease her

But to carry her to the other side when the time comes

Perhaps, by then, I will reach acceptance

Carry her with pride and conviction

And you will no longer see her in my footprints

You will see her everywhere

But she will not weigh me down

She will propel me forward.

Perhaps grief dies when the grieved die

After all, weight doesn't go away

It simply gets easier to carry

She is not me

Yet I grieve her like she is

I never met her

Yet I grieve her like I did

In truth, if she had lived

Who would that make me?

She is the life I never lived

Time of death, unknown

Place of death, unknown

Name? Unknown

But perhaps she is called


Writing Resources

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